Who you are is WORD

Who You Are is WordWhat does this sentence mean to you? Is it poor grammar? Is it about morality? Or is it about integrity? Consider that who you are, who you really are is the WORD you honor as your self. The question then is, what do you honor? Who are you?


One thought on “Who you are is WORD

  1. Recently friend who was coaching me to consider that WORD was all the noise in my head. All the chatter of opinions, moods, concerns, fears, worries, upsets, etc. I was stunned by this statement. When I examined it longer I saw what she was saying. These are all words. When I can see these words AS words, then I can then create A WORD. Kind of like seeing the forest for the trees. In the next moment there is a clearing in the forest, and in this clearing I can plant a new tree. That is honoring WORD.

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