How Out-sourcing Work is a Positive?

outsource-jobWhen I first heard of how American corporations were out-sourcing work to other countries like China and India it angered me.  Then when I encountered the Indian-accents when using my tech-support for my computer software purchases it infuriated me.  I found it hard to understand them, and it was equally hard for them to understand me.  I was mad at American industry for cutting corners and costs by going this route.  I felt like the quality of life was going down the toilet because of out-sourcing.  The same was for how we were out-sourcing our manufacturing to China.  This too,  seemed  to me to be a negative and bad trend.

This was all many, many years ago.  Nowadays something is changing. Something positive is beginning to arise out of this trend.  First of all, as China became one of the world’s super-powers both with military and economically I began to have fears of a future war with China.  I pictured World War III being between the United States and China.  Then it dawned on me that it would be bad business for China to make war with one of its biggest customers.  What would we have that they would want?  The economic ties between the United States and China seem to eliminate the need for any military conflict.  Also,  recently when I called for technical support and found that the Indian person on the other end of the line was now more able to communicate with me clearly. Their English had improved, and their understanding of American thinking and jargon and idiosyncracies  seem to have vastly improved. This was with three different support people. Now I am beginning to think that what is good for business, is good for everything.  The out-sourcing of work seems to have turned into an out-reach of cultures and understanding.  I was told that the Indian support teams were being coached and trained in understanding their customers and their wants, needs, and slang, and behaviors. This could be doing what no time in history has ever been close to accomplishing. Creating a world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out?


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