To Blog or Not to Blog?

Ever since I heard about the term, “BLOG” and read several blogs I have been left with the question, what should I blog about?

Blogs seem to be about opinions. Just as dogs pee on everything, it has been observed that human beings like to opine on everything.  It has also been said that the difference between a rock rolling down hill and a human being rolling down hill is the human being will complain about it all the way down. (I’ve heard these remarks at seminars led by Werner Erhard and Landmark Education and found them to be spot on.)

So what should I BLOG about? The economic melt-down? The war in Iraq? The policies of the Obama Administration? Global Warming? Oil prices? The Housing Industry?

I have plenty of opinions in those areas.  The biggest opinion I have is that my opinions though interesting, well-defined, and with plenty of evidence will make absolutely no difference at all.  Like the journalists in the stands of a basketball play-off game, my opinions have no impact on the movement of the basketball or the actions of the players.

So what should I blog about?

Here goes…I think Facebook is cool.  It has photographs, games, community interaction, and you can add or delete people from your community at your whim.  It is the ideal community.  It is entertaining, informative, and fun.  Facebook and other Internet Community Web-sites are alive, active, and making a difference.

This blog will only be as important as the people who read it.  So I am going to link this blog with my Facebook page.

This was written on 4/10/2009.


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