Natural Ways of Killing Cancer

Kale salad

I had often heard about people eliminating cancer using methods other than the conventional surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy.  Surgery was about cutting and removing the cancerous tissue. There was the chance that the surgeon would miss some cells and they would continue to grow and spread.  Radiation treatment was a way of bombarding the cancer cells with nuclear particles which would destroy the nucleus of the cells and the genetic code which allowed them to replicate.  Chemotherapy would induce toxins or poisons into my system, and the cancer cells with the higher metobolic rate, would consume the poisons faster, and die off faster, before the toxins would kill off my healthy cells and tissues.  Hormonal therapy, would reduce the male hormone of testosterone by increasing the level of the female hormone, estrogen.  Testosterone has been linked to cancer too.  The problem here would be developing female problems like loss of facial hair and growing breasts.  (smirk).  I was curious to research what these non-traditional, non-medical methods of killing cancer would be.  I started out with a simple “Google” search.  I typed in the keywords of “CANCER CURE” “HOMEOPATHIC” and “NATURAL CANCER CURES.” Here are the sites that I located:

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These sites introduced me to a whole world of natural cancer cures.  Amazingly, they claimed that the human body already possessed the ability to eradicate cancer.  It was the immune system.  These sites and “Natural Doctors” (ND) proposed that it was our eating habits which took power away from our body and its immune system which made our bodies susceptable to cancer cells and other viruses.  Things like processed foods, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, enriched white flour, and frying foods and cooking them at temperatures higher than 115 degrees Fahrenheit destroyed the natural enzymes, vitamins, proteins, and nutrients which our bodies need to operate at 100% efficiency.  These sites proposed new ways of food preparation, and food selection which would booster the body’s natural ability to fight off cancer cells.  The sites raved about eating “All Raw/All Live” foods.  Nothing cooked over 115 degrees. Also, they indicated certain foodstuffs which were anti-cancer.  They highly recommended carrot juice. (I love carrot juice).  It recommended nuts and berries.  It recommended green vegetables.  It recommended red clover tea leaves.  I had often been turned off by the idea of being a vegetarian or Vegan.  It seemed an impossible way to live.  Now I was looking being even more radical than a strick Vegan.  Vegans still cook their foods.  I was looking at eating All Raw/ All Live foods. 

Bento box sampler

 The third site, had the key item which really inspired me to try it out.  It had a list of recipies.  Reading the recipes I decided to try them out.  I went to the grocery store, and started buying some of the items needed for some of the recipes.  At first, rather than eggs and bacon and toast for breakfast, I tried making smoothies made from banana, fruit juices, red clover extract, and the added touch of two cups purified drinking water.  The water made the blended drink, easily drinkable.  I often avoid smoothies because they are too thick, and take some effort to consume.  I started frequenting natural food stores, like Mother’s Kitchen, and began to buy some alternative ways of sweetening deserts and drinks. Raw vanilla, stevia leaves (crystalized), agave nector (cactus), and honey.  A friend of a friend also heard about my cancer, and loaned me three books of All Raw/All Live Diet Recipes.  These were very helpful, and inspiring.  I bought a food

Mole enchilada

processor, and dehydrator and began to make crackers from flax seeds.  Instead of spaghetti made from eggs and flour, I bought a mandoline shredder and turned crooked-neck squash and zucchini into live/raw noodles.  The all raw marinara recipe was very delicious, using sun-dried tomatoes and figs.  The other key ingredients for live/raw cooking  was the spices and seasoning.  My spice rack soon filled with turmeric, dijon mustard, Nama Shoyu, yellow and white miso, sea salt, ground black and red pepper, oregano, curry, rosemary, thyme, garlic, raw ginger, cumin, and cilantro.  The food I prepared were almost gourmet.  I also found a great restaurant in Costa Mesa, called 118 Degrees.  They specialized in total all raw/all live food preparation. I especially loved their all raw lasagna.  They also had a book of recipes too, which I bought.  I ate this way for around 2 months after I found out I had cancer. 

Baja burrito

By February, 2011, I had lost a total of 8.2 pounds in two months eating this way.  However, the biggest, most inspiring result was my Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) level.   Of course, at first my physican refused to test my PSA level, and said it was a waste of time, since I had already decided to have my prostate removed.  However when I asked twice, she finally filled out the paperwork to get the test done.  I had the additional blood test and a week later discovered my PSA had dropped from 8.1 down to 4.7 in those 60 days.  If my PSA had been that low back in November, my doctor would never had asked me to get a biopsy.  It seemed my cancer was disappearing. When my physician told me about the drop, she warned me that this didn’t mean the cancer was gone, and not to cancel the scheduled surgery.  I told her I wouldn’t, but was happy at these results.  I was now able to be responsible for having eaten in a way that had weakened my body to the point where the cancer cells took over my prostate.  I recalled how my Urologist told me the cancer cells were very dense.  In hindsight, I recalled how the level of my semen production had decreased dramatically over the past several years.  I had sex less with my wife as she was going through her “change-of-life” and was having frequent periods as middle-age was changing her body.  I just thought my lower semen amounts were due to the simple ageing process.  I was in my late fifties.  It never dawned on me, that as cancer cells grew and took over my prostate, the cells that normally produced semen (the food/energy supply for the sperm cells produced in the testicles) were being displaced.  Although it is not a scientifically-proven fact, I now believed that eating cooked and fried foods, artificial sweeteners (I am a Type II Diabetic), and smoking cigars, and drinking alcohol had all weakened my immune system such that the cancer cells took root in my prostate. 

Another parallel school of thought about what would kill cancer and what would nuture cancer was blood chemistry.  It is a belief that cancer thrives in blood and organs with a pH which is acidic, and that cancer cells die in blood and organs with a pH which is alkaline.  Here was another web-site I found:

Note: This is site is free, but not accredited. Most accredited sites will charge you for this information.  This site almost across-the-board agrees with the foods listed on the previous sites.  The list of alkaline inducing foods matches exactly the list of foods recommended for all raw/all live diets and cancer-fighting diets.  The coincidence is almost too big to be ignored.  A friend of mine, who is the wife of a surgeon asked me if this were true, why doesn’t the entire medical profession embrace these theories. I told her the only reason I see, is that these cures are not pharmaceutical and not surgery, or chemical treatments so the medical profession would not pursue them.  I see it as the same reason why the oil companies did not explore alternative energy-sources like wind, solar, geo-thermal, etc. in the 1970’s when these were first being discussed.  Perhaps there was not the financial incentive to explore them, or the financial backing to spend the money to research them. 

On February 3rd, I was admitted to Saddleback Memorial Hospital to have my surgery.  Even though my new way of eating seemed to be defeating the cancer cells, I still elected to take the direct, physical, surgical solution, but I was happy that I had tried out this new approach, especially in the event my surgery should not succeed.

(To be continued)


2 thoughts on “Natural Ways of Killing Cancer

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and findings, Jim! Me and my husband are enjoying a mostly raw/vegan diet/lifestyle for about 6 years… Such a delight!

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