Same Gender Marriages

Let them eat donuts...

Let them eat donuts…

A recent landmark, Supreme Court ruling made it legal for people who have married their companions of the same gender to enjoy all of the rights of heterosexual couples. In California, Proposition 8, which was against same-gender marriages was therefore overtuned by the Federal Court. This is historic, in that another group of people are finally being allowed freedoms and rights they have long been prevented to have. Things as essential as shared insurance, shared personal property, and legal rights of married couples which were once denied, and now recognized.

There was and are a lot of emotions tied to this legislation. One, hand-drawn, poster I spied on Facebook seemed for me to capture the entire argument eloguently in one sentence.

“Saying that two people can’t marry because it’s against your religion is like saying that someone can’t eat a doughnut because you’re on a diet.”

Note: This was posted on Stumble’d Upon on July 11, 2012 on a page called A GATHERING OF SOULS.
This quote was also credited to comedian, Seth Rogan, on Twitter…

Seth Rogan Donut Quote

The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is a federal law that defines marriage as a legal union only between those of the opposite sex. As of this week, this was ruled unconstitutional. I agree to this ruling totally. I recall that this nation, was founded and originated by people seeking freedom from religious persecution. They came to the new world, to be able to practice their spiritual beliefs the way that suited them, and when this nation was established, a distinct separation of the church and state was mandated.

Religious beliefs are totally subjective. When you study the origins of the Old Testament and New Testament you find that politics have always tainted and colored these words. The words were censored and changed to suit the powers that be at that time. Whole sections and entire books were ruled out of the writings, only to be discovered in caves and ceramic jars centuries later. This emphasizes how much we must study and question, and evaluate the words of the Bible or any religious doctrine when looking at what is moral and immoral. The commitment to impose your personal religious beliefs on others is thoughtless, and cruel, and ultimately evil. A nation founded on individual liberties, is not a society in which you can force others to practice what you practice. Whether it is not eating pork, or not celebrating birthdays, or Christmas. If you choose to practice this, it is yours, and no one elses.

As time progresses, and people grow and expand their values and sensitivities it is my belief that ultimately justice, integrity, and work-ability will prevail.

It is at times like these that we can celebrate the enlightenment and openning up of the human spirit; and acknowledge the death of our blindness, ignorance, and prejudice.


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