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3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am looking for a copy of the Werner Erhard tape ‘Celebrating Your Relationships’, I cannot find it at Amazon or anywhere else. Any ideas where to find a copy? I remember the poetry, pretty amazing.

    • Sorry Frank. I recall the audiotape that est used to sell. I lent my copy to my sister and my second copy to my high school friend (who never did the est Training anyway) and they both lost them. I was at the event led by Werner at the Inglewood Forum in 1978. 5,000 cheering est grads! It was really awesome. My friend, the late Anna Lois Sponheim, was the white-haired lady interacting with Werner, regarding coming from “ecstasy.”

      For the poetry, buy the collective works of e.e. Cummings. Also a poem by St. John of the Cross.

  2. On second thought, Google, Laurence Platt. He is a good friend of Werner’s and has his own web-site dedicated to the technology of Werner Erhard. He is also a computer expert and might be able to locate an electronic file for you.

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